Decentralized Finance for everyone!

Earn daily interest from guaranteed 5% APY up to 30% APY on your CXW-c-Tokens now.

  • Highly profitable over e-commerce investments and liquidity
  • Based in Switzerland
  • No Crypto experience required
  • Easily fund your account with Bank-Wire, Credit/Debit-Card and Crypto

What is ChainXcommerce?

ChainXcommerce is a unique concept that connects the world of Decentralized
Finance, in short DeFi, with e-commerce as an investment possibility.

To achieve the best result for our customers, ChainXcommerce is combining the transparency of DeFi with the safety of Switzerland.

  • New generation of DeFi
  • Monthly reports

E-Commerce as investment

The e-commerce sector is one of fastest growing economies since years. In 2020 e-commerce hit 4.28 trillion US dollars in sales.

That makes it one of the largest markets worldwide. Nearly everyone of us is using e-commerce to buy products or even things for our every day life like groceries online.

Through direct sales of products and active marketing, the company can generate revenues of 20-60% after deducting costs. Means if the company invests one million dollars into a marketing a campaign, it will generate a kickback after expenses between two hundred and six hundred thousand dollars. This makes ecommerce very profitable for investors and companies.


The CXW-c-Token is given out by ChainXcommerce and offers the possibility to be part of many different e-commerce campaigns. The technology used for the CXWc-Token is the Binance-Smart-Chain.

Developed by the most well known and biggest digital asset exchange, Binance. By Minting CXW-c-Tokens you can also participate in the revenue generated by e-commerce campaigns all around the world.

  • Every CXW-c-Token is value bound to e-commerce
  • Participate on value and revenue
  • BNB-Chain based
  • Decentralized by Blockchain technology

MetaMint – Pool

The MetaMint-Pool is your possibility to not only participate on the increasing value of CXW-c-Tokens, but also receive daily interest rates on your CXW-c.

Earn guaranteed 5% APY and up to 30% APY on your CXW-c-Tokens.

  • Guaranteed 5% APY
  • Up to 30% APY
  • Earn daily payouts in CXW-c

Flexible Minting-Periods

Choose between flexible Minting-Periods offered by ChainXcommerce to fit your needs.

Your daily interest can be either

  • Held in your Wallet, profiting of the CXW-c-Token value increase
  • Automatically reinvested
  • Directly payed out to you

APY Calculator

Calculate your profit now, fill in your parameters and calculate your personal revenue.

Investment $
Duration (in years)
Duration years
Revenue ratio
Revenue ratio %
Reinvest %

Distribution Split

Point to see
  • Held by the company10%
  • For distribution40%
  • MetaMint Protocol50%


The RealConomy concept builds on three major pillars.

Token Distribution

Selling CXW-c-Tokens and locking them for a certain time period.

Revenue Creation

Investing the locked funds in liquidity to create short term revenues and then funding e-commerce campaigns for longterm revenues.

Token Buyback

Buying back the CXW-c-Tokens from the customers realizing their profits with generated revenue and liquidity.

Hybrid Liquidity Pooling

The basic concept of ChainXcommerce is to connect DeFi with the e-commerce economy. The values are created by investments into marketing campaigns.

But the DeFi aspect gives us the possibility to also participate in the liquidity sector. Means we are able to create revenues in two major fields, liquidity providing for
capital waiting to be invested and afterwards e-commerce campaigns providing save and longterm income strings.

  • Multiple top selling products for best risk/profit ratio
  • Faster revenue over liquidity
  • Longterm revenue and safety through e-commerce

Supported Payment Methods